Leverage Templates to deliver a completely consistent Kubernetes Infrastructure and application deployment process.

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How can CNDI Simplify your Deployment Process?

With CNDI, you can automate the deployment of your infrastructure and application stack, ensuring consistency and reproducibility. Effortlessly deploy your stack across different environments, eliminating manual errors and saving valuable time. Achieve seamless and reliable deployments with CNDI's repeatable deployment capabilities.

Standard Workflow

No matter what kind of cluster you are building, CNDI works the same way every time.

Helm Charts

Take any Helm Chart and use CNDI to build a custom Template for rapid configuration and deployment.

Reduced Deployment

Automate your deployment process with reliable consistency. Each deployment is just a pull request away.

Streamline Your Development Workflow

Developers can focus on writing code while CNDI handles repetitive infrastructure setup and application configuration tasks, accelerating the development lifecycle. 

Say goodbye to deployment discrepancies, as CNDI ensures consistent deployments across various environments, taking subtle variations out of the equation. Your development teams can deploy with greater confidence, embracing error-free deliveries that enable rapid iteration and value delivery to users. Take the complexity out of deployments to empower your team to focus on innovation.

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