Operational Cost Savings

Deploying Kubernetes clusters doesn’t need to be expensive. 

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How CNDI can reduce operational costs

Forget paying a premium for each cluster, with CNDI you can have the same cloud-native architecture running on top of virtual machines. When you own your control plane, you’re in control. By leveraging CNDI's streamlined deployment process, you can save valuable time and resources. Automate the provisioning of your data stack, eliminate manual tasks, and optimize your operational efficiency. Maximize your cost-effectiveness and achieve operational excellence with CNDI.


GitOps saves money by greatly shortening the timeline for deploying and modifying cloud-native systems. Less context switching, and no more handoffs.


Maintain portability to migrate between clouds, data centers, or on-prem to optimize costs.

Operational Efficiency

Save time with easy deployments and less troubleshooting for clusters in production environments.

Change the TCO Equation

Don't just take the PaaS Total Cost of Ownership studies at face value! CNDI is here to challenge the traditional assumptions. Discover a fresh perspective that nullifies the idea that self-hosting costs more. Now, developers can leverage the power of CNDI to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness while maintaining full control over their deployments.

Empower Cost-Effective Practices

With CNDI, developers gain the freedom to optimize their data infrastructure without compromising on performance. Say goodbye to inefficient resource allocation and manual configurations. CNDI streamlines resource usage, automates infrastructure provisioning, and helps eliminate unnecessary expenses, all while ensuring a reliable and scalable data stack.

Simplified with GitOps

Experience a developer's dream with CNDI's GitOps approach. Effortlessly manage and modify deployments through Git, making updates and changes traceable and efficient across clusters.

Embrace the Developer's Advantage 

Efficiency, Control, and Empowerment. Master the true cost equation with CNDI!

What is Operational Cost Savings?

Operational cost savings refers to the practice of reducing expenses associated with the operation and maintenance of software systems without compromising performance, reliability, or scalability. It involves identifying areas of inefficiency, optimizing resource utilization, and implementing cost-effective strategies to achieve financial savings.

CNDI empowers businesses to achieve significant operational cost savings by optimizing their data infrastructure. With CNDI, you can streamline resource allocation, automate infrastructure provisioning, and eliminate unnecessary expenses, all while ensuring a reliable and scalable data stack.

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