Platform Engineering

Interactively configured battle-tested templates for cloud-native services

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How CNDI can help you build your Internal Development Platform

Transform your data infrastructure with CNDI's Platform Engineering capabilities. Streamline your deployment process, ensure reliability, and maintain flexibility across your entire stack. With CNDI, you can deploy operational and analytical services consistently, making them discoverable, maintainable, and interoperable. Revolutionize your platform engineering practices with CNDI today!

Sensible Defaults

Skip the learning curve by leveraging automation and sensible defaults.CNDI has many fill in the blanks Templates for systems that run best on Kubernetes. You can extend these Templates or make your own, if you need to override the defaults after you initialize your project, make a Pull Request!

Empower your Developers

Empower your developers and free them of infrastructure bottlenecks. Developers should be responsible for determining how to best run services they maintain, and they should do that from Git.

GitOps Approach

Seamlessly integrates with modern DevOps and CI/CD practices. All changes flow through Git, meaning they are easily reviewed, attributed to a developer in your organization, and versioned over time.

Rapid Replication

With CNDI, you can seamlessly replicate your production infrastructure environment to individual sandboxes on clouds or developers' own machines, providing numerous benefits:

Ensured Code Compatibility

CNDI simplifies the process of validating code in a production-like environment. Developers can confidently test their code in sandboxes that closely mimic the production setup, ensuring smooth functionality and reducing the risk of errors during deployment.

Enhanced Environment Understanding

By interacting with the replicated environment, developers gain valuable insights into its configurations. This hands-on experience allows them to fine-tune settings and optimize resources, aligning the infrastructure with the specific needs of their applications.

Empowered Application Operation

CNDI enables developers to deepen their understanding of application operation within a production context. By troubleshooting and resolving issues in the sandbox environment, they gain valuable expertise, enhancing overall application performance and reliability.

What is Platform Engineering?

Platform Engineering is the practice of building a stable framework to make developing new systems easier on your team. Internal development platforms (IDPs) are always catered to their team and business requirements. CNDI provides an extensible framework by enabling you to create your own Templates, so creating new services will be as easy as possible for your developers.

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