Introducing CNDI

Infrastructure and
Applications in Minutes

An open-source framework for self-serve
cluster deployment and maintenance

What is CNDI?

The CNDI framework makes it easy to self-host open-source distributed systems with GitOps and Infrastructure as Code. Deploy production grade application clusters in any environment, and improve them over time using the Git workflow that developers use every day.
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CNDI Features

Turnkey Kubernetes Infrastructure and Applications

Deploy popular and production ready open source systems on your own infrastructure - wherever that is. Provision a complete product or service that is ready for immediate use.

Turnkey Kubernetes Infrastructure and Applications
CNDI provides a holistic approach to Kubernetes cluster management

Complete Framework

CNDI provides a holistic approach to Kubernetes cluster management, encompassing infrastructure provisioning, application deployment, GitOps and ongoing Day 2 operations, ensuring a seamless end-to-end experience.


CNDI delivers comprehensive solutions by providing Templates that include IaC, Applications, and configuration. You select a Template, we give you a cluster and repo from which to manage it.

CNDI Templates

Simplified K8s

Reducing the complexity and learning curve through automation and sensible defaults.

Security and Auditability

Ensure secure systems, with all cluster changes made and traced through Git.

Reduce Costs

Pay for compute, not fluff -  avoid the PaaS or SaaS tax by enjoying self-hosting made easy.


Seamlessly transition to managing your cluster completely on your own.

Infrastructure as Code

Represent your infrastructure as code to optimize cost and resource allocation for each application cluster.


Deploy workloads across any cloud or on-prem infrastructure. Get all the scalability and flexibility you need without constraints.

Use CNDI Templates
for Simplified Deployments

Interactive Configuration

Easily deploy any application in our Template library to a supported cloud destination in minutes. Templates are a CNDI concept, and they can be thought of as a "blueprint" for a data stack, built on top of ArgoCD, Helm Charts, and Terraform. Check out all our supported templates below.
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