Data Mesh

Self-serve data infrastructure platform.

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How CNDI can help build a Data Mesh

Unlock the potential of a Data Mesh architecture using CNDI. With CNDI, you can effortlessly deploy and manage your data services in a decentralized manner. Empower your teams to own their data domains, ensure data reliability, and promote collaboration. CNDI enables you to build a scalable and resilient Data Mesh infrastructure, driving innovation and agility across your organization.

Reduce Centralized Bottlenecks

Empower your developers and free them of infrastructure team bottlenecks.

Self-serve Data Infrastructure

Offers data developers freedom to choose the applications they are familiar and most productive with, deployed optimally and quickly.

Deploy Data Products

Maintain independence between data products for optimal scalability, reliability, and security.

Increased Speed
to insights

Stop letting centralized IT bottlenecks slow down the flow of information within your organization. Empower your teams with a self-serve data ecosystem that increases data velocity and gets you the data you're looking for when you need it.

Make Faster Decisions

The CNDI toolkit increases operational efficiency and enables faster access to data so your teams can make the right decisions sooner. 

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