Version Release
2 Minutes
May 4, 2023

CNDI Run v1.7

Matt Johnston

CNDI v1.7

CNDI is the open-source project we’ve built at Polyseam which makes it as easy as possible to deploy powerful GitOps-enabled Kubernetes clusters without any prior infrastructure knowledge. Building with k8s and CNDI you can build scalable systems that run anywhere using the developer workflow you already know and love!

We’ve been hard at work making our GitOps infrastructure tool CNDI better each week, and this week we’re excited to announce that we now support AWS’ Elastic Kubernetes Service, EKS!

EKS is our 4th deployment target and marks the first managed Kubernetes Distribution we support. If you are interested in using AWS’ managed Kubernetes offering, this is for you! We also continue to support running your CNDI cluster on top of EC2, which can be more cost-effective than the managed service if that’s more your speed.

With CNDI and our growing template library you can deploy services like Airflow with the ease of a managed service, yet the low cost of rolling your own cluster. 

What applications do you want templates for? What environments are you most excited to deploy to?

Please hop into our GitHub issues and let us know. We want to build our roadmap with you in mind.